About Us

Kristal Amezcua is the founder and creative artist behind Kristal Bikinis. An avid fitness model herself, she turned her lifelong love of bikinis into an in-demand business in 2012. After modeling one of her own competition bikinis on stage—taking 1st in her division—fellow competitors began contacting her, looking for similar showstoppers for themselves. She began filling orders for friends shortly thereafter and Kristal Bikinis was born.


Kristal is an Orange County, California native who learned the art of the needle and thread from her mother. Her love for bikini design grew as she honed her skills on personal projects throughout her youth (costume design and bikinis). Those early bikinis were the envy of all her friends. Soon she was crafting one-of-a-kind creations for them as well.


Kristal used to compete in fitness competitions however has diverted her attention to her primary passion Kristal Bikinis, but still loves training. Turning her fun and crafty hobby into a thriving fashion bikini, competition bikini, and bikini accessory business has been a dream come true. Her keen eye and exacting standards make every creation a one-of-a-kind gem. Her custom competition bikinis have been showcased on stages around the world. High quality materials, attention to detail, exacting personal measurements, and hand-crafting filled with love keep clients coming back, whether new friends, old ones, and fellow fitness competitors.